Your eyelash extensions last the duration of your natural lash
cycle which could be 30-60 days. As your natural lash sheds, so
will the extension.

To maintain your full, voluminous look, fills are recommended every
2-3 weeks. Waiting longer than 3 weeks for a fill could result in
the need of a full set of extensions.

No, because the procedure is non-invasive, your natural lashes will not be damaged.

Avoid rubbing or pulling your extensions

Refrain from using all oil based eye products

Always clean your face with care

Don’t cleanse, swim, or use a sauna for 48 hours after application

Never use an eyelash curler or water-proof mascara

Brush your extensions once daily for the first 72 hours

Please be advised that the use of mascara on your lash extensions will shorten the length of time that they will remain in place.

An after care card will also be provided for you during your appointment.

You will also have the opportunity to thoroughly review care instructions prior to departure.